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fire 火

fire 火

huǒ is fire. The original inscription is like fire flame. 

The following pictures show the character evolution process of huǒ. 


着火 zháohuǒ on fire 

Tīngshuō zuówǎn gōngchǎng zháohuǒ le


I heard that the factory was on fire last night.


火速 huǒsù - at top speed

Chūshì leqǐng nǐ huǒsù gǎnlái


Something is in trouble, please come at top speed



We could learn more characters 

from the some changes based on 火。 


灭 miè

To cover the fire with one board,so the fire is put out. 

So 灭 means destroy, extinguish.


灭火 mièhuǒ - put out a fire



The upper part covering fire is a hand.  

After putting out the fire, we could take the ash by our hands. 

So 灰 means ash, and the color of ash---grey.


灰尘 huī chén - dust

灰色 huī sè - grey

tea 茶

tea 茶

茶chá / tea

The character consists of 3 parts:艹, .
 looks like growing grasses. 
So this part in characters usually refer to plants.
人 is people. Like in the picture below, two girls are picking tea leaves.

 And where is the tea tree?  this part looks like a small tea.

In short, girls are picking leaves from tea trees. 

So the character chá茶 means tea.


There’re many phrases consist of chá茶:
hē chá喝茶  --- drinking tea

Hěnduō zhōnɡɡuó rén xǐhuɑn hēchá


Lots of Chinese like drinking .


chá yè茶叶 --- tea leaf

Hánɡzhōu de cháyè hěn yǒumínɡ


Tea leaf from Hangzhou is very famous.


chá jù茶  具 --- tea set

Wáng xiǎojiě yǒu yítào piàoliɑnɡ de chájù


Miss Wang has one beautiful tea set. 


Oral Chinese

Oral Chinese

5 Practical Oral Chinese     

1. 怎么了?zěnme le?    2. 这可不好说。Zhě kě bù hǎo shuō。3. 走吧!zǒu ba! 4. 别逗了。Bié dòu le。 5. 打起精神来!Dǎ qǐ jīngshén lá。

1. 怎么了?zěnme le?

What’s up?

In the meeting, if your Chinese colleagues suddenly start to speak in Chinese, you could ask them by using this, you don’t know whether they have problems or they don’t like your idea.

2. 这可不好说。Zhě kě bù hǎo shuō。

That is hard to say.

If you are not sure or do not believe others’ opinions, you could begin your opinion with this sentence.

3. 走吧!zǒu ba!

Let’s go!

When Chinese friends ask you out for a drink, please don’t hesitate and say this.

4. 别逗了。Bié dòu le。

Don’t tease me.

Chinese friends may tell you that the rain will last three weeks, and your clothes will not be dry. You could say this to express you are astounded and can not believe it. But, tell you the truth, they are not exaggerating.

5. 打起精神来!Dǎ qǐ jīngshén lá。

Cheer up!

People sometimes are depressed, may be because of 工作,家庭,钱, as a friend, we could cheer them up and encourage them that life is still wonderful and amazing.


spring 春

spring 春

Can you find “三” “人” “日” in this character? 春 chūn means spring. It usually comes on March(三月sān yuè). And during spring time, people(人rén) like to go outside to enjoy the warm sunshine(日rì).

春 chūn 天 tiān --- spring


春(chūn)节(jié)--- Spring Festival


春(chūn)联(lián)--- --- Spring Festival scorlls

Mandarin Game

Mandarin Game

Chinese is easy! There are many words in Chinese that are very easy to understand literally. As long as you know the meanings of the words one by one, you will be able to understand the phrase, which saves time of memorizing new words. For example,

Now can you guess the meanings of the following phrases according to the hints? 


Find the answers from our app! 

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