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Alieen Bao N

Aileen Bao

Senior Trainer
  B.A. Degree  
  8+ years teaching experience
  8000+ hrs class time
  35+ famous corporate clients. 
Has been served: 
  300+ person time of Mandarin courses for expatriates clients.
  50+ person time of English course programs for Chinese learners.
Delivered Programs: 
Mandarin Courses, Public Speaking, HSK, TSC Programs

大家好(Dàjiā hǎo)!我是 (Wǒshì) Aileen. With 8 years of Chinese teaching experience and our effective methodology, we will help you to learn Chinese fast, fun and effective. Join LearnMandarin and study Chinese with more than 1000+ other clients each year. 


We offer only the best Chinese lessons for you with a unique and innovative approach to language learning.