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Lexie Lei

Senior Trainer
  B.A. Degree 
  6+ years teaching experience
  6000+ hrs class time
  20+ famous corporate clients including Seagate, Hilton, Samsung etc. 
Has been served: 
  200+ person time of Mandarin courses for expatriates clients.
  60+ person time of English course programs for Chinese learners.
Delivered Programs: 
Mandarin Courses, Public Speaking, HSK, TSC Programs

你(Nǐ)好(hǎo)! I am Lexie. As a Chinese teacher for 6 years, I feel very pleased to see my students being able to speak more and more fluent Chinese in life and at work, and get to know more about Chinese culture. Here at LearnMandarin, you will find that learning Chinese is so fun and helpful! 我(Wǒ)在(zài)等(děnɡ)你(nǐ). I'm waiting for you!


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